D. Schuyler Meyers III

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Schuyler Meyers, Actor


Team player
Communication capability
Computer skills:
      HTML, Javascript, Dreamweaver, FrontPage
      PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro
      Windows 9x, NT4
      Office 97 & 2000, SmartSuite Millennium, StarOffice 5.1
      PC, AS400, Mac
Public speaking ability
Leadership training
Facilitation facility
Quick learner
Negotiating experience
Trouble shooting expertise


1997-present Web Page Designer - Skart Designs
                        Portfolio- http://clients.skartdesigns.com
2000              Printer Operator
2000              Bill Bradley for President, Maine staff
2000             Help Desk Support for POS Software- Retsysco Pacific
1999             Developed HTML course
1997-99        Telecom Tech - LL Bean, IS
1998              Formed Skartdo
                         Skart Designs- Web Page Design- founded 1999
                         Skart Consulting- Small Business Start up- founded 1998
                         Skart Games- Toys- founded 1995
                         Contemporary Art by Schuyler Meyers- founded 1991
1997             MC'ed orientation for new and rehires - LL Bean, Distribution
1996             Trained 500+ employees for new distribution center -LL Bean
1993             Returns processor - LL Bean, Distribution
1990,91,92   Picking team leader - LL Bean, Distribution
1988-97       Material handler - LL Bean, Distribution
1987-88       Catalog picker - LL Bean, Distribution
1985-87       Supervised photo lab - USC


2001             Vice- Chair Issues Committee- Portland Democratic City Committee
1999              Bean's Best Area Selection Team - LL Bean, IS
1998-present Portland Public Schools' Technical Advisory Board
1999-present COMPort, Portland COM users group
1998-present MENT, Maine NT users group
1996-97        Bean's Best Area Selection Team - LL Bean, Distribution
1995-96        Climate Softening Committee for new Distribution center- LL Bean


1987             BA Art Studio, University of South Carolina
1997             HR Law, L.L. Bean
1999             Networking Series, Portland Adult Education
2000             PhotoShop, Training Resource Center, Portland
2000             Web Application Design, MIT/ArsDigita, Cambridge


Martial Arts

1999-present Web Page Designer- Skart Designs

In 1997 I asked someone to put up a page for my paintings and my games. They did an OK job but I knew I could do better so I learned HTML and redid the site. In the middle of 1999, I started Skart Designs, http://www.skartdesigns.com, and shortly there after I left LL Bean to go it alone.

The web is the new contemporary art and Skart Designs is based on the idea that web design can be fast, good looking and inexpensive. I am a wiz with HTML. I am quite capable with a number of editors from Arachnophilia and FirstPage to FrontPage and Dreamweaver. The graphics editor I use is Paint Shop Pro but I am skilled in the use of PhotoShop as well.

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2000 Printer Operator- LL Bean
Operated four IBM 3900 printers for LL Bean. Switched between AS400 and mainframe to aquire print jobs. Also ran Moore bursting and sealing equipment.

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2000 Bill Bradley for President, Maine staff
Coordinated Aroostook County and District 3 Portland. Politics is often being able to find the right people in the right places. I was able to find several Bradley supporters in Aroostook County who were willing to go out and tell their neighbors and friends that Bradley was the right guy for the job. I also helped to set up democratic caucuses that otherwise would not have taken place. Bradley did not take Maine but he won in Portland and did better than expected in Aroostook County.

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2000 Help Desk Support for POS Software- Retsysco Pacific

I did a short stint at the Retsysco Pacific help desk supporting Pacsoft, a Point of Sale software for hardware stores. I enjoyed helping people and I learned a great deal about EDI, POS, and the hardware industry in general. I was able to give them a few suggestions about promoting their site.

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1999 Developed HTML course

As I was starting Skart Designs it occurred to me that I may have to train some folk to design sites so I worked up a short course that would allow me to start interested people to on the road to web design. It starts with basic hand coding HTML and works its way up to JavaScript and WYSIWYG editors such as Dreamweaver.

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1997-1999 Telecom Tech - LL Bean, IS

As a Telecom Tech for LL Bean I was part of a team charged with the care and feeding of their Distribution infrastructure. We maintained and installed the various scanners, CRT's, printers and other hardware. When someone had a problem we were the folks that showed up to fix it. Among my other responsibilities were vendor negotiation and budget/asset management support.

My customers were often stopping me not only to ask me to fix their hardware but also to consult on PC software problems. They felt comfortable doing this because they knew that I would not only answer their questions, but because I did it with a smile.

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1997 MC'ed orientation for new and rehires - LL Bean, Distribution

Ensured that new employees understood what it meant to be a Beaner. Stress was put on safety, quality and teamwork.

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1996 Trained over 500 employees for new distribution center - LL Bean

With a new distribution center came new processes, new SOP's. Helped current workers to accept and learn the new methods and trained new personnel work to the proper standards.

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1993 Returns processor- LL Bean, Distribution

Prepared returned orders to guarantee customer satisfaction. Researched old product.

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1990,91,92 Picking team leader- LL Bean, Distribution

Took over where the trainers left off. Enabled staff to reach their goals. Provided feedback and coaching. Wrote performance evaluations.

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1988-97 Material handler - LL Bean, Distribution

Operated elevators, Dockstockers, Transtackers, and Orderpickers to move product from point A to point B.

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1987-88 Catalog picker- LL Bean, Distribution

Picked product to fill customer orders.

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1985-87 Ran photo lab- USC

Helped photo students with projects. Did general maintenance for equipment and area. Mixed chemicals.

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