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Where to vote in Portland, Maine

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Polls open at 7 AM and close at 8 PM.

The voting districts have changed confirm your polling place below.
Find out lot's of good info at

Not sure what precint you are in, Click here for a good tool to find out.

If you live in Maine but not in Portland, Click here for a nifty tool to help you find out where to vote in Maine.

If you live in Maine and want an absentee ballot you'll need to go to your town/city hall and get one or have it mailed to you. Either way you'll need to fill out a request form. The state of Maine has several options to help you out with that. Click here to go to the Maine absentee ballot request page.

Don't live in Maine? That's OK, Google has an app for you, too. Check out our where to vote in the USA page

Polling Place Name &
Campaign Free Zone Maps
Polling Place Address
1-1 East End Elementary School 195 North Street
1-2 Merrill Auditorium Rehearsal Hall 20 Myrtle Street
1-3 Peaks Island Community Hall Peaks Island
2-1 Reiche Elementary School 166 Brackett Street
2-2 Exposition Building 239 Park Avenue
3-1 Woodfords Congregational Church 202 Woodfords Street
3-2 Italian Heritage Center 40 Westland Avenue
4-1 St. Pius Church 492 Ocean Avenue
4-2 First Baptist Church 360 Canco Road
5-1 Stevens Avenue Armory 772 Stevens Avenue
5-2 Grace Baptist Gymnasium 476 Summit Street

Updated October 27, 2010
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Polling Place information from City of Portland.