Sleeping In The City

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A word about the Sleeping In The City series. The first one is black and features a figure asleep under the cloud that is the city. The cloud is both the light and noise that is the city and a horse shaped nightmare. In spite of the harshness these images seem to represent, they are somehow comforting to me. They take me back to my grandfather's house in Kingston, NY. I don't remember being entirely comfortable there and yet I knew I was totally safe.

It is the yin and yang that a line from a Robert Frost poem allows me. This particular line is about the roar of a chainsaw that will soon accidently amputate someones hand. In high school I was asked about that imagery of that line and I said that it made me feel warm and comfy. I looked past the unhanding and into my own life where the sound of a chainsaw meant that my father was cutting wood for the fire.

Unfortunately in high school all I spoke of was the warm and fuzzy feeling part and nothing about the father. I guess it's understandable then that the teacher was tad horrified by my reaction. oh well

Anyway Sleeping in the City is about balance.

Holly is a friend of mine who likes purple. When fooling around with photo ed came up with the purple background, it just seemed a natural title.

Sleeping In The City

sleeping in the city
Sleeping in the City 1

sleeping in the city 1
Sleeping in the City 2

sleeping in the city 2
Sleeping in the City 3

sleeping in the city 3
Sleeping in the City 4

sleeping in the city 4
Sleeping in the City 5

sleeping in the city 5
Sleeping in the City 6

sleeping in the city 6
Sleeping in the City 7

sleeping in the city 7

Holly 1

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